Steampunk and loft - relatively young designs that appeared at the end of the previous century. Today, the popularity of these extravagant styles is growing steadily. Steampunk and loft - the past in the interpretation of the future.

The term "steampunk" was originally used by writers who perpetuated the genre of fiction in literature, where steam engines dominate. These retro technologies have not only not gone into the past, but are also used today, and are actively developing, confusing the imagination of creative designers of today.

An integral element of the above areas are rightly considered to be models in the style of good old retro, which create an atmosphere of antiquity in the design of the room. Steampunk is also characterized by antique and vintage products, as well as for lofts. These trends in interior design are very similar, but there are still differences.

Furniture, accessories and interior items in the style of steampunk - more brutal, they breathe the style of the industry of past centuries. Gears, manometers, fittings and pipes -the main components of products in the style of steampunk. Often, the materials from which stylish things are made impress with simplicity and unpretentiousness at first sight. Wood, steel, massive heavy parts, metal fittings, rivets - no attribute of the interior can do without all this.

In the loft style, or it is also called "attic", it is allowed to perform almost any space, and it will come in handy. The "loft" style is characterized by practicality and high functionality. The concept of the loft is to, with the help of extraordinary design solutions, give a new fashionable life to old things.

If you love loft and steampunk as much as we do, we will always have something to offer you!

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