Bunk gazebo bed - a luxury available to everyone

30 000
A two-story gazebo-bed with a pergola is one of the most important attributes of a luxurious and expensive vacation. Enjoy a vacation with your family or friends, sunbathe on the roof of a sun lounger or hide from the midday sun inside a gazebo, take cool Instagram photos with your girlfriends, or simply be inspired by the sound of the surf and reading your favorite book - any relaxation scenario is possible with a two-story deck chair.
Features of the design of the structure
The spacious and stylish lounge area on the ground floor of the gazebo is equipped with a soft mattress made of moisture-repellent material. The side parts of the structure are equipped with fabric roller blinds to match the mattress and pillows and allow you to create the necessary shade inside the gazebo.

This piece of furniture is perfect for both a big noisy company and a quiet family leisure time with children. The gazebo is suitable for organizing a night disco by the pool, and for relaxing get-togethers on the seashore.

The loft style with its laconicism, minimalism and simplicity of solutions allows you to harmoniously fit the gazebo into absolutely any design solution. A lounger with a pergola will be a great addition to the hotel exterior, beach landscape or recreation area in a country house. The structure looks especially good against the backdrop of a pool or a spacious green garden.
TOP-5 reasons to buy a two-story gazebo bed
  1. Multifunctional relaxation space. Thanks to the two-tiered gazebo, even a very large company will be able to spend time comfortably. Lovers of a beautiful chocolate tan will be able to settle down on the second floor of the structure, where nothing will prevent the sun's rays from reaching the skin. Those who prefer shade can always hide inside the gazebo and cover themselves with light roller shutters.

  2. Impeccable furniture for family leisure. An additional seating area on the roof of the bed is ideal for families with children. Little fidgets who love to climb stairs and build barricades will surely appreciate the opportunity to hide from their parents on the upper "deck".

  3. Protection against aggressive UV rays. The canopy of the bed is an excellent "shelter" from the scorching sun. During the period of special activity of ultraviolet rays, rest in the shade is the best solution. Hiding behind the shutters of the gazebo, you can continue enjoying the salty sea air, listening to the sounds of nature or reading a book.

  4. Open observation deck. The gazebo roof is a great space to enjoy the scenery. Lying on top, you can look at the sky, watch the sun go into the sunset and give way to stars.

  5. Shelter from changeable weather. A sudden rain or strong wind is not a reason to give up outdoor recreation. The lower floor of the gazebo is a great place to wait out the inclement weather.
  6. Modern design. A huge outdoor bed with a pergola is a must-have for all top hotels. Such furniture immediately makes any vacation more luxurious and desirable. Hotel owners can be sure that such an acquisition for their beach or pool is a guarantee of additional hotel advertising on the Instagram accounts of their guests. Vacationers will be happy to share cool footage from the rest and celebrate the location with amazing beds.
  7. Durability and reliability of the design. The arbor frame is a welded structure based on metal piles. The bed can withstand even critical loads of several quintals. You can jump, run, play with children and dance with friends on it - the activity will not affect the stability of the structure.
Two-story loft-style gazebos-beds are a perfect addition to any holiday. Wherever you are, Loft Craft furniture will ensure the comfort of your vacation.
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