Loft-style gazebo with pergola - exquisite relaxation with five stars

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An open bed with a canopy or a comfortable bed with a pergola are indispensable components of a luxurious summer vacation on the seaside, the hotel beach or next to the pool in your own garden.

A compact lounge area under an awning, equipped with soft mattresses and stylish pillows made of moisture-resistant textiles, is an excellent solution for relaxing with a large company, for romantic leisure for lovers or family gatherings with children. Here you can have a noisy party next to the pool or just enjoy the afternoon sun on a sultry summer day.
Design features
The gazebo bed is made in a modern loft style, which is characterized by slight negligence, simplicity of lines, minimalism and some brutality. The absence of excessive decor, intricate shapes makes the bed a universal solution for arranging absolutely any space. Such a piece of furniture can become:
  • a winning solution for a hotel beach or lounge area next to the pool. Vacationers will gladly take advantage of the opportunity to comfortably spend time at sea, make stylish shots and share them in their social networks, not forgetting to mention the name of the hotel;
  • the heart of a recreation area in a country house. It is great if the space around the gazebo is decorated with flower beds, trees and an artificial pond or a small fountain.
Advantages of a beach gazebo with a bed
  1. Protection from the scorching sun. The canopy of the bed allows you to hide from aggressive UV rays, relax in the shade, while continuing to enjoy the fresh air and sea breeze. Families with children can always put their kids to sleep right in the gazebo and stay on the beach longer.
  2. Shelter from the rain. A sudden change in weather will not spoil the rest - you can spend time under the roof of the gazebo with maximum comfort. On the bed, you can read a book, take a nap, or just listen to the soothing sound of the rain.
  3. Panoramic view. The open design provides a complete view of the landscape. Lying in the gazebo, you can look at the sea, watch the children in the pool or just meditate on the countryside landscape.
  4. Actual design. Gazebos with a pergola are a must-have in almost all five-star hotels. A Maldivian holiday aesthetics accessible to everyone. It is clear that such a bed is an ideal solution not only for a luxurious stay, but also for flawless Instagram photos.
  5. Comfort. A soft and spacious mattress is a great alternative to hard plastic sunbeds, which constantly creak, break and prevent you from fully relaxing and enjoying all the pleasures of your vacation.
  6. Several transformation modes. The presence of a convenient adjustment mechanism allows you to adjust the height of the headboard and change the angle of its inclination, depending on the wishes of the vacationer.
  7. Reliability. The arbor frame is made of metal piles, and therefore perfectly withstands almost any load. Children can safely jump on mattresses, adults gather in a gazebo in a large company and not worry about the stability of the structure.
You can always order an impeccable gazebo bed and increase the degree of luxury of your vacation at Loft Craft. The company produces stylish and original furniture in the loft style for cafes, restaurants, hotels, holiday homes and individuals.
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