Outdoor sports grounds

Many health professionals recommend proper outdoor sports for children and adults. For these purposes universal special street complexes of exercise machines, high quality of manufacturing are perfectly suitable. Modern outdoor sports grounds can be installed anywhere. For example, set in the country, in the park and coastal area, in the yard of a house or school. Our equipment for outdoor sports grounds is much cheaper than buying each individual simulator.

Each of our products is accompanied by a detailed diagram for the installation of a sports ground and visual step-by-step instructions. This will allow you to easily make the correct installation of outdoor areas in a short time. The instructions describe in detail all the actions.

On outdoor sports grounds, you can easily do exercises with your own weight. For such trainings it is possible to use horizontal bars and bars: pull-ups, push-ups, exits on horizontal bars, twisting elements, and other sports elements. Such exercises are recommended by doctors and comprehensively develop the muscles of the arms, shoulders, back and abdomen of children and adults.