Street sports complex (suburban)
Horizontal bar parallel bars

your modern sports corner.
5 000
choose color
Horizontal bar, parallel bars, crossbar - your modern sports corner.
A sports corner near your home - what could be better? Thanks to this sports corner, you will always stay in great shape without spending money on a gym membership.

You will always have your "fitness center" at hand. A sports corner of this type will serve you faithfully for more than one decade, and will remain a "healthy" legacy for your children and even grandchildren.

The modern sports corner is made of high quality steel, made in Ukraine, painted with paint that will not crack.

On such a horizontal bar, you will be happy to play sports with the whole family. No matter how old you are, it's never too late to go in for sports!

You can choose the color of the horizontal bar yourself, according to your preferences.
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