Street sports complex (suburban)
Horizontal bars, parallel bars, handles

the best simulator from schoolboy to senior citizen
8 000
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Horizontal bar, bars, hand lever, Size 2.5x2.4x2.25 (L x W x H, m.)
Made of: profile pipe 60x40x2, round pipe 32du, round pipe 42du like a pylon. 2 horizontal bars at different levels (for children and adults).
Plates are provided for fastening from steel sheet 3.0mm Processed with anti-corrosion primer GF-021, covered with PF 115 enamel (color to choose from).
Pull-up bars, parallel bars, rakkhod - the best simulator from schoolchildren to pensioners
Pull-up bar, bars and handlebar - designed for pulling up, walking on hands, playing sports in the fresh air. With the help of such a horizontal bar, all muscle groups of the back, legs and arms are involved in a person.

The horizontal bar is effectively able to pump the large and small chest muscles. Biceps and triceps are also involved. Due to the fact that the sports equipment is located outside, the blood is actively and continuously enriched with oxygen.

You can also pump triceps and pectoralis major with the parallel bars. The horizontal bar, parallel bars and 4-in-1 handles will guarantee your good mood, beautiful cubes on your stomach, and good health.

Due to the fact that the horizontal bars are at different levels, you can simultaneously work with the whole family, both children and adults.

It promotes not only physical health but also emotional health when the whole family is involved in sports together.

The color of the horizontal bar itself, you can order according to your preferences.
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