Laptop or tablet stands

Here you can really buy handmade coasters in the loft and steampunk style in Ukraine. Our stands are suitable for all types of mobile devices: tablets, phones, e-books, etc. Unique handmade coasters will create an even warmer and more comfortable atmosphere in the interior of your home or apartment.

Metal holders for tablets for installation on a table will add austerity of business style of an office. The desktop holder for the tablet has a kind of book stand.

This handmade tablet stand will become an indispensable assistant for every owner of modern mobile technology. The loft-style stand will allow you to conveniently place the device on the required surface for comfortable use.

You can choose a holder or stand for a specific model or a universal stand. The main thing is that it is the right size for your mobile device or tablet. To mount the holder on a table, the main requirement is stability and a fixed tilt angle.